Xzilon: Unparalleled Vehicle Protection

XzilonXzilon is a special group of formulas that provide impeccable protection to all surfaces of your car. Professionally applied at your local dealer, Xzilon is more convenient than other solutions because it will not break down from sunlight, engine heat, or extreme weather. Having entered the market by way of Granitize Products, Inc., it is the latest and most innovative product in a long line of appearance protection and detail items dating back to 1930.

The Benefits:

Car experts have listed several reasons for why the product is their first choice for vehicle protection. First, its formula was initially designed for aviation—a form of travel with unparalleled speed and force. Meeting the needs required for airplane protection, it proves itself as more than enough for the everyday car.

The second benefit is the formula’s ability for multi-surface car use. It can protect the exterior of your car and paint, but it can also adhere to your tires, wheels and windshields.. Say goodbye to the hassles of bird droppings, bug spots, and rain streaks, because this solution will discourage all of them from leaving marks.

Another benefit, the interior formulas, will protect leather, vinyl, cloth and carpet from stains and even help resist rips, punctures and burns.

Not only can the formula apply to all car surfaces, but it protects a variety of other common household items—granite countertops, swimming pool surfaces, eye glasses. Manufacturers in each of these industries use Xzilon to protect their merchandise, so why can’t you? With so many uses, you are sure to get your money’s worth protecting numerous items you already own.

Benefit of the Limited Warranty

The formula is only sold and applied by authorized dealerships. If it is professionally applied at one of their locations you are eligible to receive the Limited Warranty for future stains. Make sure to gently clean the affected area with approved cleaner before reporting it—you may end up removing the problem with no issue.

Discover the Products Offered by Your Dealer:

When you request application of these specific products at your local dealership, it will help you to understand each product does best. The basic Xzilon offers exterior and internal protection from bird droppings, sunlight, streaks, and bugs. Xzilon+ offers all the above with the additional protection from punctures, rips, and minor dents. If you opt for the Xzilon X4, you get the previously mentioned protections while also shielding your alloy wheels, headlights, and windshield.

Here is a complete list of items the products protect against:

  • Bird Drops and Etching
  • Water Spotting
  • Tree Sap
  • Loss of Gloss
  • Oxidation
  • Acid Rain
  • Bug Damage
  • Oil Stains
  • Food Stains
  • Beverage Stains
  • Vinyl Fading
  • Leather Fading
  • Accidental Rips
  • Accidental Burns
  • Exterior Body Dents
  • Headlight Yellowing/Fading
  • Alloy Wheel Cosmetic Damage
  • Minor Windshield Chips/Cracks

Consumer Products You Can Use Today:

Not only can you ask for protection at your local dealership, but you can take home this powerful technology in similar products for other car care uses.

Fabric/Carpet Spot Remover—Cleans soil and stains from leather and fabric without removing the fabric protector.

Wash and Wax—A highly concentrated and foamy formula designed to easily lift dirt and seal the surface of your car.

For a comprehensive product selection, the company also carries RV Cleaner and Wax in three different sizes—pint, quart, and gallon. Consumers can also find a gel-gloss wheel cleaner, a lens restorer kit, and “no-streak” glass and silver polish. While their products are the best on the market, the company wants you to have protection in some way if you must wait to get them professionally applied. Cars incur damage on a daily basis; even if you do not dent anything, noticeable damage from extreme weather and wear will eventually appear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many people ask about the upkeep and treatment of their cars after the professional application. For those asking about car washes, it is completely fine (and expected) to wash your car about every two weeks. Just make sure that any automatic car washes have minimal scrubbing or contact to avoid abrasions to your paint. For hand washing and waxing, we recommend completely drying the surface every time—this will prevent streaking.

For those asking about the limited warranty, make sure to verify the length of the terms. You may always reapply the protective solution before your warranty expires. For additional convenience, the company allows warranty customers to report damage claims online. This feature allows them to get answers and help with their cases faster.

Xzilon Protection Goes Green!

As of 2013, the company’s complete line of protective products has become environmentally friendly. Without compromising the power of the original formula, the new solution contains non-toxic products that are considered safe and green. Dealers can use the same application steps as before, but with the added benefits of the new water-based formula that is streak and odor-proof.

Same Selection, Improved Features

Now, the Green line applies to all three original products: Green, +Green, and X4 Green. All the same features, all with environmentally non-toxic and clearer results. Choosing to have it all in a cleaning product becomes simple.

In addition to the formula update, all of them are VOC free—above and beyond VOC-compliancy standards. VOC stands for “volatile organic compound,” meaning anything that can cause damage to humans or the environment. Many states have enacted laws and standards regulating the chemicals in VOCs.  By removing this threat and packaging the green products in recycled materials, the company takes environmental responsibility to a greater level.

In addition to the improved quality and safer features, the company offers their green products with a five year warranty! While most companies may only offer warranties lasting a year or two, they take the high road by covering potential damages for a much longer term. They want to satisfy customers and form lasting relationships, rather than lose business over quick, one-time sales.

Xzilon’s commitment of offering a quality product without the dangerous VOC side effects attests to their integrity as a company. Ahead on the times, they not only comply with regulations—they exceed them. They offer great car protection that is not compromised for the sake of the environment. By reinventing their approach, Xzilon took a much improved strategy while preserving the original products’ benefits.

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Love it! Xzilon is the best thing I ever did for my car!

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